Koala Jump

Did you know that koala bears can jump and shoot fireballs? Most koala are shy and peaceful. There is an endangered koala in southern Australia who is special. He does not want to stay home and eat leaves. He wants to explore the world and search for new land.

Help the koala stay alive by jumping over enemies. There are giant ants in his way. If he touches it, he loses a life. He can attack this ants by shooting his fireball. He can also blow up obstacles with his fireball.

Avoid the spikes along the way. They hurt the koala’s feet.

Use the controls to jump over enemies or attack to shoot a fireball. Collect as many coins as he can while jumping over rocks and enemies.

Koala needs you! Help him on his adventure.

– Smooth scrolling background
– Different scenery for each level
– Amazing sounds, music and graphics
– 5 unique levels to pass
– Increasing difficulty in every level

Koala Jump

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