Brave Knight

Brave Knight is an action-packed game with a lot of heart. This is the story of a brave knight on his journey to fight evil trees, boars, dragons, and other magical creatures.

The knight must use his skills with his sword to slice the evil creatures.

Control the knight by jumping and slicing the creatures in half or attacking the creatures using his sword.

Collect as many coins as he can while staying alive and avoiding falling into the abyss.

Kill the fire breathing red dragon to stay in the game and continue his journey.

– fast action and fast reflexes
– smooth scrolling background
– variety of enemies to slice in half
– 5 levels to unlock
– amazing graphics and sounds

Brave Knight

Cowboy vs Aliens

Meet Billy. He’s a cowboy and he is the only one that can help the town get their goods back. The aliens have taken the town’s coins, horses, boots, and hats and scattered them throughout the land. Help Billy collect them in exchange for points.

The aliens know what he is doing and is planning to abduct him. Help him stay alive by avoiding or jumping over the aliens. Lose a life if Billy touches an alien and gets abducted.

Do all of these things while staying on the plank. Jump from one plank to another to stay alive. Lose all of your lives if you fall off the plank into the abyss.

Jump from one plank to another by tapping on the screen. Tap the screen twice to do a double jump and jump even higher. Go higher and higher up to the top plank.

– Very fast paced gameplay
– Music and sound effects
– Personal best high score

Cowboys vs Aliens