Robot Boy

Space and time have been warped by the evil Dr. Zoltan. Although you are living in the 25th century and machines are an integrated part of the human race, Dr. Zoltan wants to turn back time when dragons roam the earth. He is creating an army to rule the world.

It is up to Robot Boy to stop Dr. Zoltan. Journey into the farthest reaches of the planet to find the dragon but beware. Dr. Zoltan’s army will stop you at any cost.

Touch the monster and you lose a life. To can kill the monster by using your laser whip. Slice the monster in half with your whip or avoid it by jumping over it.

Collect coins along the way. Collect the shield to gain an additional life.

Challenge the master red dragon at the end of each level. If you win, you will be given access to the next level.

– Smooth scrolling background
– 5 unique levels to pass
– Increase difficulty in every level
– Different scenery for each level
– Amazing sounds, music and graphics
– Fight different monsters in each level

Robot Boy

Space Blaster

Space Blaster Zoom is an exciting arcade game. The action is fast and furious.

Guide your spaceship through space. Collect as many coins as you can.

Avoid the asteroids and aliens that are in your way.

For more fun, blow up the asteroids and aliens.

Use the controls to move your spaceship. Use the fire button to fire your missiles.

– fast pace retro arcade action
– smooth scrolling background
– 5 levels to unlock
– amazing graphics, music and sounds

Space Blaster